Anonymous asked:

You've been a Draculoid, so you can handle weapons then?

calm the fuck down Answer:

shut uppp

so wait you ARE being serious?

i guess, but i’m more of a driver


vroom vroom


Yaaaaay~ <3

So what’s this party all about then, sweetheart~ haven’t been to one of those in a while

((insert image of steve buschemi with the skateboard going “hello fellow kids”))

Anonymous asked:

And can you do this without attracting too much attention?!

calm the fuck down Answer:

I don’t know i’m really excited i’m not sure

what do i gotta do

and if it’s some bullshit i’m gonna say a premature go fuck yourself to avoid any embarassment for you your welcome

Anonymous asked:

Is that a yes?!

calm the fuck down Answer:


Anonymous asked:

Hey, did you ever give me an answer: Can I hire you as a hitman?!

calm the fuck down Answer:

This is the moment i’ve always dreamed of

I will be the first gay hitman

((i’m not asking for more attention or anything or something or anything like that i just wanna kick this feeling in the butt))